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The Apocalypse Wedding

The Lost Books of Jyn, Book Two

Available in Paperback and Ebook!
Advanced Reader Copies Available. Contact HERE for details...


“A wonderland of plot twists.” Eric Madeen, author of Water Drumming in the Soul


“A non-stop wild ride.” Jack McLeland, finalist for the Heideman Award


“Lee Anderson has written yet another wonderful book…This one makes you feel everything.” Amazon Review


Enter the enthralling world of THE LOST BOOKS OF JYN, where an extraordinary saga unfolds in this breathtaking inaugural installment!


“The Lost Books” are a literary mystery that has fascinated scholars for generations. The text within these pages has been inscribed from a perplexing alphabet comprised of 727 symbols. Masterful decipherers painstakingly unraveled its cryptic code, revealing a vivid narrative that whisks readers to a faraway world caught between dusk and dawn, where the line between humanity and monstrosity blurs.


THE ATROCITY BELLS, the first book in this exhilarating series, transports readers into a mesmerizing saga of kingdoms locked in a relentless struggle for power and wealth. 


When one kingdom crosses the line, pushing the boundaries of warfare, an ancient evil is awakened—a malevolence that threatens to plunge their world into eternal darkness. A young shaman princess named Sarna emerges as humanity's last beacon of hope, but first she must escape the clutches of Luca, the outlaw who kidnapped her before falling in love with her. He becomes both her teacher and tormentor.


Alliances shift, heroes rise, and treacherous forces converge. THE LOST BOOKS OF JYN will captivate your imagination, immersing you in a realm where destiny hangs in the balance and the fate of kingdoms rests upon the shoulders of a chosen few. 

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