Syd Baxter

Books of Jyn, Book One 

The Books of Jyn are a trilogy which chronicle the struggles between three kingdoms, each competing for power. The tensions of their political and economic battles boil over until one of them commits the most desperate act imaginable, summoning an evil far greater than anyone could’ve imagined.

At once adventurous and stirring, this story takes place in Jyn, a nation of primitive people turned civilized within mere decades. This happens from the sudden presence of an unknowable magic having fallen from the heavens. Those who can control it are worshipped. Those born with it are feared.

It’s a world as seen through the eyes of Sarna, a princess mysteriously blessed with this power. She is soon trained in the ways of a shaman cult magic known as the ghe-sui. 

Jyn is also a world as seen through the eyes of her kidnapper, a gang leader named Sarq who takes Sarna for ransom before falling in love with her. He becomes both her tormentor and prisoner.


In the minds of many, Sarna learns too much power and a distrust among her people sets in. Her enemies grow. While on the run with her criminal lover Sarq, kingdoms and royal families maneuver for dominance, each hiding corruption while covertly scheming, no one trusting anyone. Sadly, these leaders are distracted from the immense darkness approaching from the East. A sickly shadow which seeks to enslave their cities and swallow Jyn forever.