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Here at PALM CIRCLE PRESS we are devoted to publishing the highest quality, original fantasy, horror, and crime thriller fiction available. As we are a new publisher, we would prefer to work with social media savvy authors committed to promoting and marketing their work with our help. We accept unpublished submissions any day of the year unless otherwise indicated. 

We promise our authors to always be upfront, providing them with a monthly spreadsheet of sales and loyalties owed. (15% on paperbacks and 25% on ebooks.) 

While we aim to build and maintain a nurturing, intimate relationship with our authors, we seek the same with our readership. This may include anyone from book reviewers, bloggers, podcasters, bookstores, or libraries. We’re here to help. To keep literature alive. Keep it exciting. To get your voice heard. 

Email your query letter along with the first chapter of your manuscript to

If we like the chapter, we’ll request the entire manuscript. We’re hoping to find original works ranging from 45,000-80,000 words. We’ll publish longer books, but only if it’s truly merited. We crave novels with an opening scene that snatches the reader from the first paragraph and won’t let go, showing no mercy, and maintaining a distinctive voice throughout. We cringe at novels which begin with a lengthy explanation of what we’re about to read and how we should feel about it. We prefer the inventive, startling, bizarre, and bold as fuck. 

Thank you so much for considering us!

Thanks for submitting!

Submissions: Contact
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